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December 3, 2015 /

This is part two of my shoot with Kayla Snell. These were shot at Franklin Barbecue and some neighborhoods between east 12th & 11th street. That was probably the last time I’ll be wearing a dress without the accompaniment of a sweater or coat for a few months. Skating in the winter months can be rough (on the eyes in particular because they water pretty badly from the cold air), but it’s always a great…

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December 2, 2015 /

This is part one of my shoot with my friend Kayla Snell who’s an ultra talented photographer and just a badass in general. We shot this set on the east side, arguably one of the only parts of town left that give Austin any diversity at all (despite the seemingly rapid gentrification of it), and also happens to be my favorite side of town. It’s actually where I learned to skate, in the Millennium Youth…

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November 9, 2015 /

My apologies for not posting in quite some time, lovelies. The reason for this (besides the sweltering summer heat) is because I’ve really taken issue with how disconnected and unrealistic social media has made the world seem. It’s had me really examining my motives of why I post what I do, if those motives are in line with my integrity, and if I’m truly adding value to the world. So naturally I’ve gotten a wee…

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