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December 2, 2015 /

This is part one of my shoot with my friend Kayla Snell who’s an ultra talented photographer and just a badass in general. We shot this set on the east side, arguably one of the only parts of town left that give Austin any diversity at all (despite the seemingly rapid gentrification of it), and also happens to be my favorite side of town. It’s actually where I learned to skate, in the Millennium Youth…

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June 9, 2015 /

  It’s been far too long since I last posted but it’s also been a while since Austin saw clear, blue skies! For those of you who don’t live in the Midwest or more specifically, Texas, I’m sure you saw on the national news how incredibly gnarly the storms were here. To make matters worse, it pretty much rained for the entire month of May, so that ruined any longboarding plans I made….and we’re not talking light…

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