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February 24, 2016 /

Buenos dias, sweet thangs! You may have noticed from the photos that I’ve transitioned from a long-board to a skateboard! This new development came about a few months ago when I was gifted a skate deck from my buddy Chad Gluckson (one of the raddest guys I know in Austin). I’d been wanting to learn basic skate tricks for more efficient street commuting for some time but wasn’t highly motivated to buy a regular ol’…

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March 19, 2015 /

Happy SXSW, guys! I think the last of the cold weather is finally on its way out, so this might be the last post you’ll see me with sweaters and jackets. I’m both sad and happy about this. Either way, we had a great time shooting this set downtown. The passer-bys were intrigued not only by the photo shoot itself, but also by the fact that I was skating, which is exactly why I started this blog. I’m…

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